Hardwood flooring is a perfect choice

No matter what needs you have in place, hardwood flooring could meet them all. From visual elegance to outstanding durability, this product line does it all. When you need specific benefits or looks, you're likely to find them here.

With professional installation, wood floors can last more than 100 years. Be sure you consider the perfect level of durability for the most extended lifespan. It's a great time to find out more about what could be your next floor covering.

Consider the increased visual appeal

Wood floors have always offered stunning and timeless visuals for every home. Whether you need rustic or modern, there's something here for everyone. Check out trends like whitewashed wood, light stain colors, and textured finishes.

You'll find impressive results, no matter your need. And the trends you'll find in hardwood flooring go the distance. You might never need to replace these floors as long as you own your home.

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What about durability?

Everyone needs durable floors, and they're easier to find than you might think. When picking the perfect solid or engineered wood flooring, choose with care. The species provides the ideal hardness level, with some harder than others.

You can also add durable features with sealant, format, and installation layout. Even textured finishes work to hide signs of wear like scratches and scuffs. And some brands work better in damp spaces than others, so ask about what caters to your needs.

Ask about refinishing

The installation process is critical, but so is the refinishing service. The refinishing strips away years of wear to reveal a new layer of wood. As a result, you can put a new color and texture on your wood floors, with results that you'll love for decades longer.

Hardwood flooring must be acclimated before installation for the best results. It's a process that takes about one to three days, depending on the weather and house humidity. Once that's finished, we can start the installation, sharing all the facts with you as we go.
Hardwood flooring in Lamar, CO from Cook's Floor & Wall

Find your hardwood flooring today

At Cook's Floor & Wall, you'll find materials and services to create your best floors. Our associates are standing by to ensure only the best results based on your need. And we'll stick with you from start to finish.

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